Dedicated to Capturing the

Light of Life

by Honoring & Serving Children & Their Families.



Life Through The Lens is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families of children who are battling terminal illnesses. By capturing photographic moments, Life Through The Lens helps keep the child's light alive and creates a legacy of precious memories that each family will cherish forever.    


Our Goal

Life Through The Lens is working toward significant growth goals but it takes a team of multi-faceted individuals to achieve the big dreams we have to help children all over the world. Please consider taking action to help us help children and families suffering chronic and terminal illnesses.

Life Through the Lens started with a single vision and single photographer in Denver, CO. From capturing memories for a few families a week, we are growing our volunteer base of photographers so that we can help 100’s and then 1,000’s of children and their families nation-wide.


“Reliving a moment through a photograph is everything.”

Johnnie medina  |  Founder & president

Mikayla, 24 Years Old

Mikayla, 24 Years Old



Our story begins with the loss of Johnnie Medina’s daughter, Mikayla, to suicide. In dealing with tragedy, he came to realize that reliving moments of life through a photograph means everything when someone you love has passed. In honor of his daughter’s life, Johnnie decided to give the gift of photographic memories to others and Life Through The Lens was born. The organization is now building an army of photographers that want to share their talents to make a positive impact in the lives of families and friends faced with the terminal illness of loved ones.