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How We Work…

… for the children & their families

We want to ensure that all families going through the extreme struggle of having a child with a chronic or terminal illness have the opportunity to enjoy the memories of that child forever. Many of these families face monetary restrictions often due to medical expenses and it is our goal to provide a free photo shoot to every child that is effected. Life Through the Lens prioritizes sessions based on the illness and time frame of each applicant. If you have a child that is suffering from a chronic illness and would like to apply for a photo session, please fill out the application for consideration.


… for the volunteers

It takes a village to make a great organization run smoothly and we are always looking for talented individuals to help us with our mission. Whether you are a photographer or a great organizer, if you are passionate about our cause, we would love to meet you and find ways that your unique skill set can help the children we work with.


… for our sponsors

Growth in our services and the amount of families we reach equals growth in expenses. In order to take Life Through the Lens to the next level of growth, we need funding for the organization to cover administrative and marketing expenses that will allow us to impact more children ever single day. Please contact us for corporate and event sponsorship opportunities or donate today. Every penny counts.





In 2005 there were 53,552 total childhood deaths in America

Nearly half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease.


In Colorado, 13.7 percent of children and youth ages 0-17 years have special health care needs

The Colorado prevalence for this age group is not significantly different from the prevalence of CYSHCN at the national level (15.1 percent).4 This translates to approximately 168,000 children and youth ages 0-17 years with special health care needs in Colorado.

Leading causes of death in childhood from CCC include malignancy (cancer) (43 percent), neuromuscular conditions (23 percent) and cardiovascular conditions (17 percent).

With advances in medical technology and pediatric specialties, children with complex chronic conditions are living longer. Still, research has estimated that there are 8,600 children who are eligible for hospice care on any given day.


Help Us Share The Light

Life Through The Lens is starting small with big goals to help as many people as possible. To do that, we need your help.  Here are some of the ways you can share the light:

  • Make a donation to help us fund the development of a database of photographers to capture memories for families around the world.

  • Make a donation to help us spread the word about Life Through The Lens so families know the work we do and how we can help.

  • Lend your time and talent to help us build the army of photographers ready to capture the light of life for the families of terminally ill loved ones.  

  • Share our story by telling your friends, organizations you belong to, through social media or connecting us with health care professionals who work with the terminally ill.


Be a hero!